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It's a grand old flag, a high flying flag!

While you were not looking, the very worthy CI-700 tripod just got better…


CI-700 Leg Kit

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For the first time, complete tripod adjustability is at your fingertips.  Take your CI-700 tripod to any field, to any star party and go with confidence.  Your tripod will set up easily…even on the most irregular ground.  No need to stand on your toes, or on a step stool to reach the eyepiece or finder.  The tripod easily adjusts to suit the needs of all users…regardless of your height.  Changing the height of your tripod is now a snap and is easily accomplished by one person…even on the darkest nights.


The easy-to-install CI-700 tripod upgrade kit makes all of this possible.  Installation requires NO special mechanical skills and NO special tools.  If you own or can borrow a pair of pliers, a screwdriver and an electric hand drill, and if you can read simple and straightforward directions (written in plain English with pictures), you can easily do it in slightly more than one hour.  Here is what you get:


Leg Kit Details


LEG EXTENSIONS – Leg extensions are made of 6061, structural aluminum tubing of Ľ” wall thickness.  Each of the three 24” leg extensions is turned on a lathe, removing enough stock to allow a snug sliding fit in the CI-700 leg tubes.  The extensions are cut to the proper angle where they meet the ground and buffed to a gleaming luster.



CLAMPING COLLARS Collars are fabricated of 6061, structural aluminum tubing of 3/8” wall thickness.  Inside diameter of collars is increased on a lathe to accommodate a snug fit on the CI-700 leg tubes.  Eight holes are drilled and tapped into each collar to house 6 stainless steel setscrews and 2 clamping knobs.  Top and bottom are chamfered and the entire collar is buffed to a high luster.


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HARDWARE - 18 stainless steel setscrews (6 per leg) are provided to secure collars to leg tubes.  A hex nut L-wrench is provided to secure setscrews.  6 clamping knobs (2 per leg) are used to clamp and lock leg extensions in any desired position, with a real adjustability range of up to 20”.  Three stainless steel 3 ˝” machine screws and locking aircraft nuts are provided and serve as leg extension travel limiters.


INSTRUCTIONS:  Two complete sets of pictorial instructions are provided.   One set shows how to install the leg adjustment kit and the other shows how to reduce the height of your tripod (if desired).  Both sets of instructions are written in simple English, require no special technical knowledge, no special tools and can be expertly accomplished by virtually ANYONE in a flash.  In the unlikely event that you should have an installation problem, you can write or telephone me and be assured a prompt reply.

A complete set of pictorial instructions is provided with the kit.


NOTE:  Every effort has been made to select only the finest materials in this kit’s fabrication, and to bring it to you at the lowest possible price.   As an example, 6061 alloy, thick wall aluminum tubing was selected because of its high strength, low weight and excellent resistance to corrosion.  Stainless steel, rather than plain steel was selected for all hardware where it is available.  Finally, all machine work is done by me. Doing so avoids the questionable reliability and exorbitant pricing of local machine shops and keeps the bottom line price of the kit affordable and attractive.


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CI-700 Leg Kit


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