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It's a grand old flag, a high flying flag!


Here is an accessory to really kick up the stability and ease of setup for most any tripod (leg locker IS NOT included with Signature Series Tripod)

"Leg Locker"

 The LEG LOCKER is a means of applying outward or spreading force to the tripod legs.  This outward force is held in check by the tripodís folding mechanism, resulting in a very stiff and rigid tripod. 


The LEG LOCKER is designed to fit my tripod legs, but can be used with any tripod (even the standard aluminum tripod) to enhance tripod rigidity.  Offers maximum rigidity for shake free viewing at high power or for photography/imaging.  The LEG LOCKER KIT requires no modification to tripod legs or to mount.  Everything required for immediate use is included.

Tension Rod: Stainless steel with modified tip to fit CG-5 mount and cut to proper length to fit my leg set.  Includes locked in place hand screw to tighten CG-5 mount head to CG-5 tripod head. 


Note: It is important to indicate which mount you intend to use with the leg locker, as the tension rod tip is different for all mounts. 

Leg Locker Tripod Stiffener

Tension Bracket:  Constructed of 4/4 red oak to match tripod leg set.  Completely sanded and coated with durable polyurethane.  A large stainless steel washer is attached to underside of bracket where it contacts tension knob to assure durability.

Leg Locker Tripod Stiffener in position

TENSION KNOB:  Used to apply tension to tripod legs.  To guard against corrosion, both knobs feature brass, rather than steel inserts.

Leg Locker Tripod Stiffener in position showing securing hardware

I have tested the LEG LOCKER thoroughly and found it to be a worthwhile addition to most any tripod.  The LEG LOCKER will work wonders with a load such as the larger 150mm refractor.

Price for the leg locker is only $49.95 plus $8 UPS ground shipping to Continental U.S.
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