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Here is a selection of several unsolicited comments offered by  owners of my custom tripod.  All comments are original and unedited.


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Dan Wopperer, MD of New York wrote-

Dear Al,
The tripod is a work of art!  My daughter watched in awe as I unpacked and assembled it on the living room floor today.  What a great piece of equipment, and one I will cherish as long as I live.  I’ll paint some beautiful landscapes in the coming years and I’ll send you some images… 
Thanks so much, 
Dan Wopperer, MD



Randy Roy of Tennessee wrote-

I received the oak tripod today and assembled it this evening.  I just wanted you to know how much I appreciate the quality and true craftsmanship that went into these legs.  I’ve read a lot of posts on the Internet about the quality of the CG-5 mount vs other GEMs.  All I’ll say is these oak legs are such an upgrade for this mount that I cannot imagine that I will ever part with it.
Thanks again,



Lonnie Kiener of Oklahoma wrote-

Just a quick note to say its 11:30 here and I just spent the last two hours using the new legs with the G8.  You’re right.  They DO WORK.  The damping time is much less and I can actually focus now without shaking the living daylights out of it!  I do like the legs.  They do make the scope a little heavier to carry in and out, but what the heck.  I am glad I got them.  Gotta get back out there, just thought I’d let you know I got them and they work.
Too bad the moon is so bright tonight.
Thanks again.
Lonnie Kiener



Michael Moe of California wrote-

Hi Al,
Your shipment arrived in good shape, and the tripod is assembled.  I’m pleased with the special oak crown.  The laminated design with crossed grain looks very strong and durable.  Thank you for a job well done.
Mike Moe  



George Heidke of Missouri wrote-

Got the goods Friday…installed them in 15 min. flat!!!!!  REALLY NICE STUFF, AL!!!!!  I got a suggestion for your web page.  1st, your leg locker excels in distribution of total scope/mount weight more evenly across the tripod.  2nd, it’s now 100% easier to carry!!!!!  Personally, Al, I would buy it just for reason number 2.  Also, your legs will fit way more mounts than just the CG5.  Thanks again, Al.



Mike McIsaac of

(Following posted to Sci Astro Amateur)

Greetings from Alaska!
I recently purchased a set of oak tripod legs for the CG-5 mount made by Al Canarelli (a frequent poster to this NG).  I got mine for $175 plus shipping.  This makes them an economical alternative to converting a surveyor tripod for use or using a pier.
The legs are nicely grained oak and are sanded smooth with a clear finish.  There is a channel milled into the inside of each outer leg.  An oak dowel plate about 3” long is inset into the top of the inside leg and this rides “in the grove” providing excellent stability.  A metal collar surrounds the bottom of the outer leg sections and has a large thumbscrew, which clamps the outer sections against the inner and allows height adjustment.  There is a folding tripod spreader that also contributes to the stability.  The bottom of each leg has a squishy rubber foot attached with a screw.  The design and craftsmanship is excellent.  Al does nice woodwork!
I attached the mount head and counterweight and moved the setup onto the back deck.  It was noticeably heavier and feels very massive.  I attached my Showa 4” F/10 APO refractor (about 13 lbs.) and waited for it to cool down.  One thing I noticed right away is that those squishy rubber feet really dampen any vibrations between the tripod and the floor of the deck.  I went outside 30 minutes later and of course the clouds had moved in.  Shortly after that it started to rain (yes, rain in Alaska in December!) so first light will have to wait.
I’m confident that the installation of these legs will be the end of any inadequacy for the tripod portion of this mount.  I’d recommend these without reservation to any CG5 owner who wants a functional and beautiful upgrade to his mount.
(Hoping for) Clear Skies!
Mike McIsaac  



John Whisenhunt of Florida wrote-

Just a final note on your fine product.  It’s been a lot longer than I hoped, but I finally got some decent seeing last night.  Man, what a nice stable platform – and it’s great to be able to extend to ideal standing viewing height.  Plus, the legs match the furniture, which was an unexpected benefit when stored in the open!
Thanks again – you’ve certainly got my recommendation.



John Barretta of New York wrote-

Hello Al,
The tripod is great!  It has improved my mount vastly.  It is the most stable I have ever seen it.
Thank you once again,



Ken Whitcomb of Colorado wrote-

Hi Al,
Just thought I’d let you know, I finally got to test the new legs out this evening.  They went together without a hitch, it took me about 30 minutes.  They work great – very steady.  I have carefully balanced my scope on the mount.  Vibrations damp out very quickly, in only a second or so.  The extra height is really a blessing.



Kevin Pavlish of New York wrote-

Hey Al,
Just wanted to confirm receiving the tripod…it looks pretty imposing in our living room, good thing we have 9-foot ceilings!  But thanks, they look beautiful and everything fit together well.  Now I hope the weather cooperates.
Thanks again,



Roy Galisano of New Hampshire wrote-

I just wanted to let you know I received the Oak Tripod and Leg locker today. Installed them on my Celestron 6" Refractor. I just came in from outside testing the scope with the new additions, in a word - fantastic! What a difference, even pushed to 400x on M57 where any movement would be obvious, it settled down instantly and was nice and steady while I manually tracked.

If anyone I know is ever in the market for a tripod, I know just where =
to send them!
Great Job, Thank you,


Well, I think you get the idea, everybody says I have "great legs".


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