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I would like to thank everybody that has supported me in the past.

Hello, my name is Al Canarelli. I’m a professional cabinet maker who always had a burning interest in astronomy. During the early part of 2000, I purchased a Chinese made 6” refractor (SkyWatcher), which came with a CG-5 mount and extendable aluminum tripod. The telescope’s optical performance was quite good, but the poor stability offered by that flimsy aluminum tripod just cried for attention.

  Oak Tripod in Open Position

(The tripod pictured above is the Signature Series model, leg locker is an additional option.)


In an effort to correct the tripod problem, I looked to buy an aftermarket tripod but could find nothing of substance with a reasonable price tag.  I finally decided to design and build my own tripod.  The oak tripod which I currently feature on these pages evolved from that design.


While the tripod was initially designed for the CG-5 mount, it performs the same magic with similar mounts without modification.  Here are some of the mounts for which my leg set is well suited…

*Great Polaris
*Meade LXD55
*Orion EQ3
*Orion Skyview
*M-4 (Stellarview)
and many others.

My objective when designing the tripod was, 1) to give the mount/telescope a good measure of stability and freedom from the “shakes”, 2) to give the telescope enough height so that objects at the zenith could be viewed from a comfortable seated position, and 3) to be aesthetically pleasing.  The tripod achieves all of these objectives and more.

My oak tripod has just evolved to a new level of excellence, available now in The Signature Series Tripod.  The Signature Series Tripod piles on all of the optional features which are so popular with the basic tripod, plus some that are not available with the basic tripod…all as standard equipment and all at impressive savings. I am so proud of this tripod, I put my name on each one! Please click on “Signature Series Tripod” on the left side of this page for the complete story.

These items allow people to finally have more stable mounts without breaking the bank, now there's some great astronomy news.  I will continue to come up with tripod and mount solutions like these until all the telescope sales companies improve stability on their units right out of the box.


Products to Improve your Viewing
CG5 Solid Oak Tripod Leg Locker Stiffener for CG5 Tripod CI-700 Leg Upgrade Kit

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